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ESG & Waste

At Keter, we aim to help create a sustainable world by helping companies reduce waste to meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Our managed services help companies with waste program optimization and reporting to ensure they meet their industry's waste compliance and regulatory standards.

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ESG Components

While our services only focus on waste and recycling management, companies must consider the full ESG spectrum when building sustainability programs. ESG encompasses the following areas:


  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon reduction
  • Responsible water and energy use
  • Clean energy sources


  • Community responsibility
  • Human rights laws and labor
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Fair pay
  • Employee health and wellness


  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon reduction
  • Responsible water and energy use
  • Clean energy sources

How Keter Helps Your Business
with ESG Analysis

At Keter, we help companies analyze their recycling and waste systems to find ways to divert more waste from landfills. There are many moving parts to ensure the initiatives you build lead to sustainable change: ESG compliance, reporting, optimization, and regulation are just a few.

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ESG Compliance

Different industries hold different compliance standards, but all companies can benefit from waste reduction strategies. Our tech-enabled data collection methods at Keter streamline the ESG waste reporting process.

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ESG Reporting

Transparency through complete ESG reporting is a fundamental component of ESG scoring and compliance, and it all starts with data collection. At Keter, our tech-enabled data collection methods streamline the ESG waste reporting process.

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Optimization for ESG

At Keter, we help companies optimize, track, and report their recycling and waste programs to meet their ESG goals. This process requires creating a strategy or enhancing an existing one to ensure the best outcomes.

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ESG Regulation

Whether you’re a local or global business, ensuring your company follows ESG regulations is increasingly important. At Keter, we help companies ensure they’re following waste and recycling regulations across their waste streams and supply chain.

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Keter Can Help Your Industry
Achieve ESG Compliance

Here at Keter, we provide recycling and waste management services across many industries. We ensure sustainable waste programs are easily accessible to all.

  • Healthcare

    Here at Keter, we help hospitals and clinics save millions of pounds of waste, reduce errors, create savings, and contribute to a more sustainable world. Our turnkey healthcare waste programs work to collect, remove, and divert byproducts from landfills efficiently.

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  • Manufacturing

    49% of investors say access to quality data is a barrier to making lasting, sustainable change. At Keter, we help manufacturing companies track their waste and recycling efforts through our proprietary software.

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  • Commercial Real Estate

    At Keter, our data-driven recycling and waste services help the commercial real estate industry divert waste from landfills and become ESG compliant. Our comprehensive reporting helps companies display their commitment to ESG and supports certification from Energy Star, LEED, and Zero Waste.

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  • Supply Chains and Distribution

    With 28% of all municipal waste derived from packaging and distribution, finding ways to divert it from landfills is critical. At Keter, we help distribution companies address their sustainability goals by doing just that.

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Recycling & Waste Management for Forward-Thinking Industries

At Keter, our waste management services help forward-thinking companies:

  • Develop waste and recycling policies
  • Create goals aligned with standards and frameworks
  • Improve safety and environmental impacts
  • Align with regulation and disclosure reporting standards
  • Reduce risks, improve company reputations, and better the community

Get in touch to learn more about how we help you with our waste and recycling management services.

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