A Full-Service Waste and Recycling Equipment Supplier. Keter maintains a wide selection of new and refurbished waste and recycling equipment available for purchase or rental throughout North America. Whether your need is for a single compactor or an entire fleet of waste and recycling equipment, contact Keter for safe, reliable, and properly engineered equipment.

Service Benefits

Feel Confident in Your Selection

The experts at Keter will guide you in selecting the right equipment for your needs.

  • An onsite survey to account for spatial constraints, ergonomics, local hauler capacity, expected materials volumes, and other individualized circumstances
  • Equipment designed to most efficiently process your waste and recycling byproducts
  • Complete coordination of the installation process – including logistics for removal of existing equipment
Feel Confident in Your Selection

Renting Equipment with Keter

Use our turnkey rental program to keep your waste and recycling program running smoothly:

  • Budget friendly rental options without a capital investment
  • Repairs and maintenance are included
  • 24/7 support from dedicated service specialists
Renting Equipment with Keter

Purchase Equipment through Keter

Keter offers both new and rebuilt compactor options inspected to meet Keter standards from the best manufacturers in the industry: Ace Equipment, Bakers, Cram-a-Lot, Marathon, PTR Baler, and Rudco

Purchase Equipment through Keter
Solutions Benefits

More Benefits

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The Equipment You Need When You Need It

Keter provides a customized, turnkey program to efficiently collect, remove and divert byproducts from landfill economically at every stage of your process:

Count on Keter for:

  • Self-Contained Compactors
  • Balers
  • Vertical Compactors
  • Residential Compactors
  • Carts & Cart Tippers
  • Food Digesters
  • Stationary Compactors
  • Chutes

Stop the endless search for the correct equipment

Keter is your turnkey solution for both purchase and rental options. If it isn’t in our fleet, we work with the most trusted manufacturers in the industry to deliver on time every time!

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Ready to get started?

Schedule a call with our dedicated team of experts on your current waste management challenges. We’ll give you an idea of custom sustainability solutions that meet your ESG requirements and free you up to focus on your business goals.