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Industrial Manufacturing Waste Services

Climate challenges are pressuring manufacturers to be greener, but optimizing complex waste streams is easier said than done. At Keter, we're here to turn sustainability from a stressor into a solution. Our waste experts become your partners in identifying concrete ways to reduce environmental impact across operations.

We provide outsourced industrial waste management services that focus on diverting manufacturing by-products from landfills and improving your team’s productivity. Our proprietary technology offers our clients a comprehensive view of their waste operations, with verifiable data that makes reporting on and achieving sustainability goals easy.

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Sustainable Waste Reduction Solutions From Keter

All sustainable decisions begin with data. We start by helping you establish key sustainability targets tailored to your business needs. We define specific metrics like percentage reductions in waste sent to landfills, leaving vague aspirations behind. We'll choose realistic targets you can hit to build momentum. 

Once we have clear goals set, our waste and recycling experts work to optimize the volume of materials recycled and divert as much waste as possible from the landfill. From cardboard and packaging to food waste and hazardous waste, we find the most efficient and sustainable treatment methods.

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Data Collection and Reporting Technology

Our proprietary technology captures verifiable, near-real-time data so you can watch your sustainability goals translated into landfill diversion scores. This user-friendly system supports comprehensive cradle-to-grave reporting and ensures you meet regulation and compliance standards across each facility.

With customized plans, actionable data, and transparent reporting, we empower manufacturers to meet stakeholder expectations and make measurable progress toward critical ESG goals. You focus on your operations, knowing our experts have you covered for meeting your green objectives.

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Sustainability Goals and Landfill Diversion

After our initial data collection and waste assessments, we assist your company set sustainability KPIs, which are then converted into landfill diversion scores

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Client Portal and eTrac Platform

You need a waste management company that can prove its worth. We provide clients with a portal dashboard featuring real-time analytics at the property, regional, and corporate levels so you can track your progress. Our technology makes waste stream management easy by helping you:

  • Understand the rules and sanctions that apply to each facility.
  • Assess efficiency, diversion success, and waste reduction targets.
  • Quantify how much landfill space you’re saving.
  • Estimate the amount of greenhouse gasses avoided.
  • Calculate the amount of raw materials preserved.
  • Access data needed to haul containers when full and optimize dumpster efficiency.

Your Dedicated Manufacturing Waste Management Team

Waste reduction works best as a team effort! Throughout our partnership, we monitor performance, identify new savings, and keep your program on track through regular check-ins, acting as your sustainability advisors.

When a business chooses Keter for its industrial waste removal needs, we assign a dedicated team. These experts walk you through green behaviors and processes, keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

  • Account Managers

    Our account specialists serve as the central contact for your corporate operations, ensuring that the company understands and meets your goals.

  • Regional Managers

    Our regional managers are assigned based on their proximity to your facilities. These representatives visit each location quarterly to identify ways to improve the location-specific waste programming. During their visit, regional managers assess equipment functions and recommend improving operational efficiency, saving money and increasing sustainability.

  • Inside Operations Specialists

    Our inside operations specialists work directly with the haulers and vendors responsible for picking up and removing your waste. They are your customer support personnel, answering your questions and managing vendor issues.

  • Diversion Specialists

    Our diversion specialists work with regional and account managers to understand your company’s goals and identify areas of improvement. That could mean finding new vendors for uncommon waste streams or identifying ways to optimize your containers, all to reduce waste and ensure you are maintaining regulatory compliance.

Industrial Solutions From
Waste Reduction Experts

Whether it's waste in food manufacturing or toxic and hazardous waste, it shouldn’t disrupt your production. At Keter, we offer efficient and effective waste management services to help you stay compliant, improve sustainability, and keep your costs consistent. 

Together, we can divert more waste, reach your ideal landfill diversion score, and demonstrate your commitment to a greener future. Our comprehensive waste management services include:

  • Initial and recurring waste audits to streamline your operations
  • Designing new company-wide recycling policies
  • Setting timelines for long- and short-term goals
  • Reducing negative environmental impacts
  • Identifying suitable waste disposal sites and sourcing the right vendors
  • Adhering to federal disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Decreasing risks and enhancing safety
  • Providing transparent and verifiable data for your ESG reporting needs

Ready to outsource your waste management services? Contact us today to learn more about how we’ve maximized landfill diversion despite manufacturing difficulties. Partner with Keter now to transform your waste management for increased productivity and sustainability.

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