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Industrial Manufacturing Waste Services

As climate change and global warming impacts become increasingly apparent, every industry faces mounting pressure to prioritize corporate sustainability. Prioritizing sustainability in complex waste management can be challenging for industrial manufacturers.  

Here at Keter, we provide outsourced industrial waste management services that focus on diverting manufacturing by-products from landfills and improving your team’s productivity. We help manufacturers identify suitable waste disposal sites and source the right vendors.

Our proprietary technology offers our clients a comprehensive view of their waste operations, with verifiable data that makes reporting on and achieving sustainability goals easy.

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Sustainable Waste Reduction Solutions From Keter

Having established the importance of sustainable industrial waste management, let's delve into how Keter provides these vital services. Our process starts with data collection and waste stream assessments. This allows us to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Then, we connect our clients with third-party vendors offering unique or complex waste removal services to fit their industrial waste disposal needs.

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Data Collection and Reporting Technology

Our proprietary technology captures verifiable, near-real-time data. This data supports comprehensive cradle-to-grave reporting and ensures you meet regulation and compliance standards across each facility.

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Sustainability Goals and Landfill Diversion

After our initial data collection and waste assessments, we assist your company set sustainability KPIs, which are then converted into landfill diversion scores

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Client Portal and eTrac Platform

We provide clients with a portal dashboard featuring real-time analytics at the property, regional, and corporate levels.

Our technology makes it easy to:

  • Understand the rules and sanctions that apply to each facility.
  • Assess efficiency, diversion success, and aging.
  • Quantify how much landfill space you’re saving.
  • Estimate the amount of greenhouse gasses avoided.
  • Access data needed to haul containers when full and optimize compactor efficiency.
  • Review all financial and operational data related to your waste program.

Keter’s Team Approach
to Sustainable Waste Reduction

When you select Keter as your new industrial waste solution, you get more than just a waste tracking and reporting platform. You get a dedicated team serving as your external waste management facilitators.

Who’s on my manufacturing waste management team
at Keter?

When a business chooses Keter for its industrial waste removal needs, we assign a dedicated team. This four-person team includes an account manager, a regional field manager, an inside operations specialist, and a diversion specialist.

  • Account Managers

    Our AMs serve as the central contact for your corporate operations, ensuring your goals are being met. They are the conduit of communication to make certain that the company goals you set forth are understood internally here at Keter, and that we execute to achieve these goals.

  • Regional Managers

    Our regional managers are assigned based on their proximity to your facilities. RMs visit each location quarterly to identify ways to improve the location-specific waste programming. During their visit, RMs assess equipment functions and make recommendations to improve operating efficiencies to reduce costs and increase sustainability.

  • Inside Operations Specialists

    Our inside operations specialists work directly with the haulers and vendors responsible for picking up and removing your waste. They are your consistent customer support personnel, answering your questions and managing vendor issues.

  • Diversion Specialists

    Our diversion specialists work with regional and account managers to understand your company’s goals and identify areas of improvement. That could be finding new vendors for uncommon waste streams or identifying ways to optimize your waste containers, all to ensure you are maintaining regulatory compliance and improving your landfill diversion.

Industrial Solutions from
Waste Reduction Experts

Whether it's waste in food manufacturing or toxic and hazardous waste, it shouldn’t disrupt your production. At Keter, we offer efficient and effective waste management services to help you stay compliant, improve sustainability, and keep your costs consistent.

Our comprehensive waste management for business services includes:

  • Auditing your current waste operations.
  • Designing new companywide waste and recycling policies
  • Developing goals aligned with sustainability and regulatory frameworks
  • Enhancing environmental impacts
  • Following regulation and disclosure reporting standards
  • Decreasing risks and enhancing safety
  • Improving reputations and community impact
  • Providing transparent and verifiable data for your ESG reporting needs

Ready to outsource your waste management services? Contact us today to learn more about how we’ve maximized landfill diversion despite manufacturing difficulties. Partner with Keter now to transform your waste management for increased productivity and sustainability.

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