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Distribution Waste Reporting Services

At Keter, we help distribution companies manage and reduce their waste streams to improve their environmental footprint. Our proprietary technology tracks waste reduction across distribution facilities and communicates sustainability improvements through our waste reporting services. 

Looking to improve waste and recycling systems for your distribution enterprise? Keter is your partner to help you achieve your sustainability goals, communicating your waste reduction to all stakeholders with our waste reporting services.

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Distribution Waste Reduction Benefits

Reducing waste across your distribution organization affects far more than just the environment. Sustainable business practices boost your business’s reputation, foster better employee relationships, and enhance community perception. It may also create efficiencies that can help reduce costs.

At Keter, we help distribution companies in diverting waste from landfills, an approach that also supports improved economic value for the business. One of our strategies includes facilitating connections between distribution companies and vendors who can use their damaged or returned products. This is just one example of how we contribute to waste reduction.

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Tracking Waste Across Your Distribution Facility

Global industries are striving for a sustainable world, and sustainable waste management has become increasingly important. We can only improve what we can measure, sustainable waste improvements must begin with waste tracking and data collection. Tracking waste management accurately is the first step towards sustainable improvements and reporting on your successes.

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Keter Waste Tracking Technology

Our proprietary technology provides near real-time insights into your waste streams. It provides verifiable data that supports reduced trash costs and the creation of accurate reports. Our advanced technology platform simplifies waste tracking, sustainability reporting, and sharing of waste data with regulatory bodies and stakeholders, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Keter Waste Reporting
for Distribution Companies

Our proprietary technology systems collect waste data across your distribution facilities, enabling effective waste tracking and reduction. We then take this data and generate reports in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for waste reporting to ensure our clients achieve compliance with ESG regulations.

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Waste Solutions from Keter

Our goal at Keter is to divert as much waste from landfills as possible by optimizing vendor relationships and recycling practices across distribution facilities. We then assist companies report on their sustainability improvements to engage with and impress various stakeholders. Our waste management and reporting services support our clients’ success in achieving sustainability certifications, like Energy Star, LEED, and Zero Waste.

Keter distribution waste management services and reporting can be customized to your needs, including:

  • Evaluating current waste and recycling programs
  • Tracking and reporting across waste streams
  • Designing new processes to reduce and prevent waste
  • Sourcing and managing waste removal vendors
  • Handling vendor billing
  • Ensuring adherence to sustainability regulations
  • Supporting data-driven marketing efforts through sustainable practices
  • Overseeing equipment selection, installation, and maintenance
  • Providing transparent and verifiable data for your ESG reporting needs

Need sustainability reporting support from waste experts? Contact us today and discover how seamless waste reporting and sustainable waste management services are through Keter.