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Warehouse Waste Management for Logistics and Distribution Companies

In the dynamic landscape of modern logistics, there’s a symbiotic relationship between sustainability and prosperity. Effective waste management practices are a pivotal strategy for companies navigating the intricate web of supply chains and transportation networks. Not only does conscientious waste management help safeguard the environment, but it also yields substantial financial benefits for organizations willing to embrace a greener approach. 

Going green doesn't have to be daunting. In fact, with the right partner, implementing sustainable waste solutions can be a breeze! Keter is here to make improving environmental impact simple and achievable for distribution companies of all types, from retail and e-commerce to agriculture  and manufacturing.

Our technology easily facilitates data-driven decision-making and sustainability reporting. But we’re more than just software; we are your external waste management team dedicated to improving business efficiency and corporate sustainability along your supply chain. Let's work together to find the most innovative solutions for your warehouse operations and make sustainable waste management a win-win.

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Sustainable Warehouse Waste Solutions From Keter

Our landfill diversion strategies start with collecting data and evaluating waste reduction opportunities. We'll work closely with you to fully understand your current waste streams and operations, whether it’s cardboard and pallets or returned shipments and packaging. We listen and learn to improve efficiency from the start.

Together, we'll investigate what, why, and how much waste your logistics business produces. The more data we have from waste audits, the better we’ll understand your situation, allowing us to customize a plan for each warehouse space.

Next, we source third-party vendors who offer the distribution waste removal services you need to become more sustainable. Partnering with vendors who can use damaged or returned products is one way our services enhance economic value for our distribution clients. Each client has unique types of waste, and we’re here to ensure your square pegs land in the right square hole.

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Data Collection and Reporting Technology

Partnering with us takes the guesswork out of ESG compliance and makes it simple to be a responsible corporation. Our waste and recycling technology platform, eTrac, provides GPS tracking of your environmental services and real-time analytics for start-to-finish reporting. This detailed data collection ensures you have the information you need to follow industry regulations and emissions standards.

Keter's tech-enabled waste management services help distribution companies easily navigate sustainability challenges. We provide audit-ready documentation that demonstrates your commitment to regulations and ESG initiatives. We handle the details so you can focus on daily logistics operations.

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Sustainability Goals and Landfill Diversion

Following our initial data collection and evaluations, we help your distribution company set sustainability KPIs and convert those to landfill diversion scores.

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Client Portal and eTrac Platform

Our proprietary technology offers our clients a comprehensive view of their waste operations. On your client dashboard, you can find verifiable waste data, view transparent reporting, monitor key sustainability KPIs, and highlight actionable analytics across your warehouse locations. 

From your client dashboard, you can:

  • See location-specific metrics. Waste management technology can help organizations comply with local and national waste disposal and recycling regulations. For example, you can see if specific locations or materials have lower diversion rates. At the same time, our systems track the applicable rules so that waste is always handled properly, preventing any legal issues or fines.
  • Track your success. Analytics tools can track how much landfill space you are conserving and your greenhouse gas emission reductions through recycling, composting, and other programs. Your metrics allow you to champion your sustainability wins and highlight opportunities for improvement.
  • Sensors on containers monitor fill levels and compactor performance. This data enables efficient pickups when containers are full and identifies compactors needing service, reducing hauling costs and equipment downtime.
  • Access financial data. Centralized reporting provides easy access to waste metrics, costs, and trends. Over time, a comprehensive analysis of your waste program's operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and results drive continual optimization.

What types of distribution companies does Keter serve? Keter works with distribution companies of all types, from retail and E-commerce to agricultural and manufacturing. If you’re wondering whether Keter would be a good fit for your distribution company, schedule a time to meet with us.

A Team Approach to Distribution Warehouse Waste Services

When you choose Keter as your warehouse waste management solution, you gain more than just a tracking waste management and reporting platform. You’re hiring a dedicated team as your external waste management facilitators.

A Team Approach to Distribution Warehouse Waste Services

When you choose Keter as your commercial waste management solution, you get more than just a waste tracking and reporting platform. You’ll have a dedicated four-person team to serve as your personal waste management operators.

  • Account Managers

    Your personal Account Manager acts as your main point of contact. They take the time to fully understand your operations and desired outcomes.

  • Regional Managers

    Your Regional Manager is your on-the-ground partner, visiting your facilities quarterly to monitor programs firsthand. They look for site-specific opportunities to optimize waste management and find efficiencies. Reusing pallets, inventory management, and improved automation are small changes that pay big dividends.

  • Inside Operations Specialists

    Your Inside Operations Specialist provides responsive, human customer support to answer questions, address issues, and manage your vendor relationships on a day-to-day basis. They've got you covered 24/7.

  • Diversion Specialists

    Your Diversion Specialists bridge the gap between observation and implementation, pinpointing waste streams for additional landfill diversion. They meticulously monitor compliance, helping you avoid risks and fines.

Trash and Recycling Solutions From Waste Minimization Experts

At Keter, our comprehensive business waste management services are scalable, ensuring that your reporting and compliance costs won’t break the bank. Let's work together to understand your current waste streams and find opportunities to reduce your environmental impact. 

Our services can include any or all of the following:

  • Expert analysis of your current waste streams and practices
  • Customized policies to reduce environmental impact in ways that work for you
  • Tangible goals tied to leading sustainability frameworks
  • Operational adjustments and employee engagement across locations
  • Documentation for federal compliance reporting
  • Proactive waste management for a safer workplace
  • Verified data tools to showcase your ESG commitment to stakeholders

Looking for outsourced waste management services? Contact us today to learn more. Learn more about how Keter's solutions can benefit your distribution company. We specialize in reducing waste and enhancing efficiencies through sustainable waste management services.

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