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Industrial Manufacturing Waste Reporting

At Keter, we help manufacturing companies reduce the environmental impact of their industrial processes through improved waste and recycling management services. However, sustainability practices go beyond their environmental impact. Enacting sustainable business practices improves your reputation, employee relations, and interactions with the community. 

Comprehensive data collection and reporting are fundamental to sustainable waste and recycling programs. At Keter, we use artificial intelligence, IoT, and our proprietary eTrac application to streamline data collection and waste reporting for all manufacturing companies.

Looking to improve waste and recycling systems for food, industrial waste, and large-scale business garbage? We can help you achieve your sustainability goals efficiently and effectively.

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Manufacturing Waste Reporting

At Keter, our proprietary technology systems collect waste data across manufacturing enterprises to assist companies in effectively tracking their corporate waste management. We then transform this data into reports that reflect the sustainable measures our clients are improving upon. Our comprehensive waste and recycling management services help our clients comply with ESG regulations, both at the federal and state levels.

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Manufacturing Regulations

The manufacturing industry follows waste regulations under Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for air, pesticides, waste, and water. State regulations vary depending on factors such as population density. Your state may have stricter policies than federal regulations, requiring the implementation of additional measures. 

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The EPA manages U.S. Federal regulations through laws like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

  • The Clean Air Act (CAA) enforces regulations surrounding the emissions of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), such as solvents like methylene chloride, or benzine, a component of gasoline. Manufacturers are required to create HAPS reports with the amount of these materials used in production and the associated emissions, to achieve CAA compliance
  • The Clean Water Act (CWA) enforces regulations on water pollution to improve the conditions of the nation’s waters through a permit system that regulates point sources like pipes or smokestacks.
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How Keter Helps Reduce
Manufacturing Waste

Here at Keter, we help manufacturing companies manage and reduce their waste by working to divert as much from the landfill as possible. We start by collecting data, assessing waste streams, and connecting our clients with third-party vendors offering the most necessary waste removal services. But our work doesn’t stop there. Our technology and consulting services assist manufacturing companies throughout the entire waste management process, leaving you to focus on what you do best—manufacturing.

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Data Collection and Reporting

Through our proprietary technology solutions, we collect data and produce comprehensive cradle-to-grave reporting to ensure you meet regulation and compliance standards across each facility.

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Goal Setting and Landfill Diversion

We help companies set sustainability KPIs, then convert those to landfill diversion scores. Diverting waste from the landfill is crucial. Landfills are significant sources of methane emissions, and your manufacturing facility is responsible for the emissions it generates even after it leaves your facility.

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Client Portal Access and
eTrac Platform

We provide our clients with access to a client portal that features real-time analytics at the property, regional, and corporate levels. Our system makes it easy to:

  • Understand the regulations that apply to each property.
  • Evaluate efficiency, diversion, and aging.
  • Observe how much landfill space you’re saving.
  • Determine the number of greenhouse gasses avoided.
  • Access the data necessary to haul containers when full and optimize compactor efficiency.

Our waste management eTrac platform works to streamline processes, reduce labor costs, improve efficiencies, and help you meet your sustainability goals seamlessly. With eTrac, boardroom-ready sustainability reporting is just a few clicks away.

With eTrac, you can:

  • View waste stream data from one location or across your corporation
  • Gain insights needed for waste decision making
  • Monitor maintenance schedules and PSI readings
  • Access predictive analytics
  • Gain granular data that optimizes operations at every property

Waste Statistics

  • 2012 vs. 2021: Managed waste saw a 29% increase compared to a 17% increase in value added by the manufacturing sector. This suggests that manufacturing facilities managed more waste per product in 2021 than in 2012.
  • In 2021, only 5% of the manufacturing sector’s waste generated was released into the environment, while the rest was managed through treatment, energy recovery, and recycling.
  • Wealthy countries like the United States, Canada, and the European Union represent just 16% of the global population but produce 34% of the world’s waste.
  • 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced annually worldwide; the World Bank estimates overall waste generation will increase to 3.40 billion metric tons by 2050.
  • Approximately 13.5% of today’s waste is recycled; 5.5% is composted.
  • Between one-third and 40% of waste generated worldwide could be better managed.
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Efficient Manufacturing Waste Reporting Through Keter

Fast and efficient waste management and reporting systems don’t need to feel elusive. Let Keter handle your waste and recycling vendors and reporting, allowing you to concentrate on what you excel at—running your manufacturing enterprise. 

Contact us today and experience hassle-free, data-driven waste management. Take charge of sustainability with Keter today.

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