Types of Sustainable Waste Management

While all businesses can benefit from increasing recycling and reducing trash, your business’s waste needs may be industry-specific or unique. Many waste streams require special care to be discarded sustainably. 

At Keter, we handle everything from ordinary recycling to hazardous waste removal and everything in between. Our network of haulers and professionals who repurpose byproducts ensures efficient, sustainable waste removal no matter your industry.

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We are devoted to creating a sustainable planet by diverting every valuable material from landfills in the simplest, most efficient manner.

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Distribution companies need innovative solutions to reduce plastic packaging and increase recycling across the supply chain. For eCommerce distributors, damaged or returned products get a second chance with sustainable waste services. 

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate companies juggle multiple tenant types with varied waste needs. Complex or hazardous waste streams cause particular challenges when thrown in the mix. Sustainable waste services help CRE companies by optimizing tenant waste processes. These optimizations improve property appearance and lower tenant waste costs. Moreover, they enhance tenant satisfaction.

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Healthcare institutions such as hospitals, labs, clinics, and long-term care facilities deal with hazardous and other complex waste streams. These waste streams require careful attention to compliance and regulation standards. Sustainable waste management solutions come into play to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, all while meeting healthcare regulatory requirements. 

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Governments driving sustainable change must walk the walk. Whether a city, municipality, military base, or other organization, comprehensive waste management programs play a vital role. They enable governments to set an example of sustainability. These programs also assist in achieving sustainability goals.

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No matter your industry, Keter helps you source the right equipment. If we don’t own it, we’ll help you find it. 

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Proper waste management eliminates waste-related delays and enhances construction site safety.

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Distribution of Trash and Recycling Solutions from Waste Reduction Experts

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