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Recycling and Waste Management for Commercial Companies

With multiple tenant types across commercial properties comes various waste streams that can create ongoing headaches for commercial real estate teams to manage. Tenants with complex or hazardous waste are particularly difficult for commercial companies to handle sustainably. 

At Keter, we are your external waste managers dedicated to improving corporate sustainability.Our landfill diversion specialists are experts in waste management, including hazardous and complex waste streams.

We help commercial real estate companies increase their economic value through optimizations in tenant waste management processes. Our services work to improve the appearance of your properties, lower tenant waste costs, and enhance tenant satisfaction. It may also create efficiencies that help reduce costs.

Commercial Dumpsters Used for Waste Management

Keter’s Sustainable Commercial Waste Solutions

Our process starts with data collection and assessments to identify waste reduction opportunities. Then, we source third-party vendors who offer the commercial waste removal services your tenants need.

Green Waste Removal Container on Wheels

Data Collection and Reporting Technology

Our proprietary technology captures verifiable, near-real-time data that facilitates comprehensive cradle-to-grave reporting. This ensures your commercial company follows regulations and maintains ESG compliance standards across your varied tenant waste removal needs.

Data Collection Graphs and Information on a Computer Screen

Sustainability Goals and Landfill Diversion

Following our initial data collection and waste assessments, we help your commercial company set sustainability KPIs and convert those to landfill diversion scores.

Two Workers With Hard Hats Looking at a Landfill

Client Portal and eTrac Platform

Our proprietary technology offers our clients a comprehensive view of their waste operations. This includes verifiable data that simplifies reporting and achieving sustainability goals so that you can impress tenants and external stakeholders. 

Our client portal dashboard features real-time analytics across your tenant properties. Our technology makes it easy to:

  • Understand the rules and sanctions that apply to each location.
  • Assess efficiency, diversion success, and aging.
  • Quantify landfill diversion and space saved.
  • Estimate the amount of greenhouse gasses (GHG) avoided.
  • Access data needed to optimize compactor efficiency and haul containers when full.

What commercial companies does Keter serve?

  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Retail and grocery stores
  • Mixed Use
  • And more!

A Team Approach to
Commercial Waste Services

When you choose Keter as your commercial waste management solution, you get more than just a waste tracking and reporting platform. You’re hiring a dedicated team to serve as your external waste management operators.

Who’s on my commercial waste management team at Keter?

A dedicated four-person team runs Keter commercial waste and recycling management services. Your account manager, regional field manager, inside operations specialist, and diversion specialist all play a unique role in your commercial waste disposal services.

  • Account Managers

    Our AMs serve as the central contact for your corporate operations, ensuring your goals are being met. They are the conduit of communication to make certain that the company goals you set forth are understood internally here at Keter, and that we execute to achieve these goals

  • Regional Managers

    Our regional managers visit each location quarterly to identify ways to improve your commercial waste programs. During their visit, RMs assess equipment functions and make recommendations to improve operating efficiencies that reduce tenant waste costs and increase the sustainability of your facilities.

  • Inside Operations Specialists

    Our operation specialists directly communicate with the haulers and vendors removing your tenant waste. Think of our operation specialists as your consistent customer support personnel. They’re just a phone call away to answer your questions or manage vendor issues. 

  • Diversion Specialists

    Our diversion specialists work with our regional managers and account managers to understand your company’s goals. They also support improvement areas, which include identifying new vendors for complex waste streams and finding ways to optimize your waste containers, as well as ensure that your locations are following local, state, and federal compliance regulations. Our diversion specialists are experts in complex waste management. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you manage difficult, industrial waste streams. 

Materials For Recycling Versus Disposal

Tenants at your commercial facilities have a wide range of recycling and waste needs. Our waste and recycling experts work to optimize the volume of materials recycled and divert as much waste as possible from the landfill using our extensive vendor network.Business recycling needs may encompass cardboard, paper, and packaging materials, while waste ranges from food waste to hazardous materials that require special commercial waste disposal methods. Our team works with it all.

Hand Putting a Plastic Bottle in a Recycle Bin

Commercial Waste Solutions from
Waste Reduction Experts

At Keter, we provide efficient and effective commercial waste management services to keep your company in compliance, lower tenant waste costs, and enhance the appearance of your property. 

Our comprehensive waste management for business services includes:

  • Auditing your current waste operations
  • Designing new companywide waste and recycling policies
  • Developing goals aligned with sustainability and regulatory frameworks
  • Enhancing environmental impacts
  • Following regulation and disclosure reporting standards
  • Decreasing risks and enhancing safety
  • Improving reputations and community impact
  • Providing transparent and verifiable data for your ESG reporting needs

Looking to outsource your commercial waste management services? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your commercial company reduce waste and improve tenant satisfaction with sustainable waste management services from Keter.

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