Partner With Keter as a Vendor

Keter Environmental Services forms partnerships with vendors that offer innovative waste and recycling processes. These partnerships support efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

Learn what makes a perfect match and how we can grow together here.

Visionary Vendors—We’re Looking For You

From nationwide wastewater treatment specialists to local farmers who use food manufacturing byproducts to feed their livestock, we’re looking for you!
Partners often fit the following criteria:

  • Haul waste or recycling as a 3rd party vendor
  • Specialize in equipment maintenance, wastewater removal, or complex waste streams
  • Are a professional that reuses manufacturing waste or other byproducts

If you think you could be a good fit, contact us to discuss how a partnership with Keter can benefit your business operations.

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Benefits of Partnering With Keter

We simplify the client management and acquisition process by acting as a bridge between your business and our clients. Who are our clients?

We work with clients of all types, but they’re often within these categories:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Commercial real estate
  • Distribution facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Construction

We want to work with you if you offer efficient, cost-effective waste and recycling solutions or equipment management.

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Need help finding the answer to your questions? Contact us to get answers learn more about how we can work together effectively.

  • What kind of partners is Keter looking for?

    We’re looking for partners that offer the following services:

    • Waste and recycling haulers of all types, including complex and difficult-to-dispose waste streams
    • Equipment maintenance providers
    • Farmers and other professionals that re-use manufacturing waste or other byproducts
  • What is the process to become a Keter partner?

    The process to become a Keter partner is simple. Contact us to discuss your business and explain your processes, and we’ll quickly work to get you matched up with our clients.

  • Is there a cost to become a partner?

    There is no cost to become a partner.

  • Are there any partner requirements?

    Our vendor requirements typically involve a fundamental review of your processes. Once we’ve seen evidence of your work, we swiftly transition from conversations to operations.

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