Business Waste
and Recycling Management Services

For many companies, managing business waste and recycling is a considerable task. Balancing this while optimizing for sustainability often ends up low on the priority list among the demands of running a business. At Keter, our mission is to alleviate this burden for companies and large corporations.

We serve as your dedicated off-site waste management team. We handle everything, from vendor negotiations to ensuring the seamless operation of your waste equipment. Our sustainable business waste services are easily available to various industries, including manufacturing, commercial real estate, and distribution industries to name a few. 

Woman Putting a Plastic Water Bottle into a Recycle Bin

Manufacturing Waste and Recycling Services

Managing complex waste streams from manufacturing by-products is a challenging task. But with Keter, you’re not alone. We help manufacturers find the best disposal methods for your complex waste and connect you with the right vendors for each job. With our nationwide network, we help you manage waste and send less to the landfill.

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Recycle Bin Overflowing With Plastic and Paper Materials

Commercial Waste and Recycling Services

A variety of commercial tenant types means multiple waste streams to manage. At Keter, we remove the tenant waste stream headache by serving as your external waste management team.Ready to say goodbye to tenant waste stream headaches?

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Distribution Waste and Recycling Services

Handling waste streams from commercial tenants is just one of the things we're good at, but our skills go way beyond that. Distribution companies must deal with unique waste challenges, like dealing with large amounts of packaging materials and returned and damaged products. At Keter, we help you meet your sustainability goals and get the most value from your returned products.

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How Keter Builds
Sustainable Waste Programs

At Keter, we design strategies to reduce business waste and divert commercial bi-products from landfills. Then we help companies manage the entire execution process, from data collection to reporting to vendor management. Contrary to some beliefs, the future of waste management aims for complete landfill diversion. This is not a waste and recycling management myth.

  • Waste Data Collection

    Our proprietary technology makes verifiable waste data easily accessible to our team and the clients we serve alike. This data supports our waste management tracking and optimizing processes for your unique waste needs. Our data helps uncover the hidden costs of poor waste management.

  • Sustainability Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

    Different types of waste require different removal and compliance methods, but all companies can benefit from sustainable waste reduction methods. Our tech-enabled data collection methods at Keter make the sustainable waste compliance and reporting process seamless.

  • Vendor Management

    From customer service to sustainability optimization to billing, we manage the entire vendor relationship between our clients and the haulers that best fit their business waste disposal needs.

Sustainable Waste & Recycling Services for Your Business

At Keter, our waste management services transition companies chronically seen as 'behind the times' into sustainable, forward-thinking operations.

At Keter, our waste management services will take your company’s operation from being perceived as ‘behind the times’ to a sustainable, forward-thinking operation. With Keter, your operations become more sustainable, reducing waste-related risks and contributing positively to the community.

Our comprehensive waste management for business services includes:

  • Developing new waste and recycling policies
  • Creating goals aligned with sustainability standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Improving safety and environmental impacts
  • Aligning with regulation and disclosure reporting standards
  • Reducing risks, improving reputations, and bettering the community impact

Take a step into the future with Keter's sustainable waste services. Contact us today. Let us together build a hand-off sustainable waste and recycling program for your company.

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