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3 Benefits of Landfill Diversion

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March 10, 2020


3 Benefits of Landfill Diversion

For Corporate America, 2021 is the year for environmental action.

For Corporate America, 2021 is the year for environmental action. And a fundamental pillar to any sustainability program is enhanced landfill diversion. Landfill diversion creates an incredible opportunity to do good as a business, employer, and community partner. However, the responsibility of environmentally-friendly waste management does not sit solely with large corporations. Companies of all sizes can do their part to become environmental stewards – and reap the benefits.

People Benefit: Elevate Workforce Efficiency

Today, companies risk losing their top and emerging talent when their sustainability values do not align. Why? Because employees value businesses that prioritize positive environmental behavior. Not only are employees more loyal to companies that match their values, but they’re more engaged, motivated, and efficient to do good work. In fact, organizations that take proactive environmental management steps generally see a 16% boost in employee productivity.

Planet Benefit: Champion Environmental Sustainability

Landfills have a significant impact on the environment around us. The methane emissions from landfills are 23 times more powerful than the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions global warming is frequently attributed to. This is one reason why landfill diversion should be a critical component of any business’s environmental reduction or net-zero economy plans. Companies that proactively work to enhance their diversion rate – or cut out landfill waste production altogether – are doing their part to protect the long-term sustainability of our global environment.

Profit Benefit: Boosting The Bottom Line

If 2020 taught businesses anything, it’s that people, planet, and perceptions are essential to positive company performance. Corporations now have a responsibility to their stakeholders to address climate change and reduce their negative environmental impact. And, one important way to do that is through landfill diversion. Companies that are taking environmental action enhance their reputations and strengthen their relationships with employees, investors, customers, and suppliers that drive bottom-line results.

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