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CASE STUDY - Maximizing Diversion Despite Manufacturing Complexities and Inefficiencies

Incorporating data-driven approaches to recycling and waste management, new equipment, ongoing education, and vendors for waste has helped clients to achieve sustainability goals and higher diversion rates.

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Resource Label Group is a pressure-sensitive label and shrinks sleeve manufacturer with diverse products. The company specializes in label design, label converting, and label application equipment. It caters to food, beverage, chemical, household products, personal care, and nutraceutical industries. The company was founded in 1991 and is based in Franklin, Tennessee.


Resource Label Group has recognized the importance of zero-waste-to-landfill initiatives but has limited expertise and operational capabilities to achieve these goals on its own.

A lack of data coverage, little sustainability education, and waste program inefficiencies have impeded the path to success. While not yet publicly announced, the company’s goal is to have all manufacturing locations landfill-free by 2025.


  • Through our partnership, Keter will make an impact almost immediately by improving the diversion rate by at least 15%. This entails simple operational improvements and hauling schedule enhancements.
  • Through ongoing employee training and education and diverting some of the more complex waste streams, combined with the aforementioned initiatives, Resource Label Group will realize diversion rates between 30% - 50% over the near term of the partnership.
  • By considering waste-to-energy options, and with a Keter-identified closed-loop system for matrix waste, Resource Label Group will achieve diversion rates of at least 80% over the entire term of the partnership.


Keter has audited the waste program and surveyed multiple manufacturing sites to uncover areas of diversion opportunity. By thoroughly analyzing the entire waste program operations, Keter has devised a plan forward that will help Resource Label Group achieve its goal of being landfill-free.

Ongoing employee education, allocating appropriate recycling and waste equipment, right-sizing hauling schedules, and identifying options for difficult-to-dispose-of matrix waste are just some of the actions that will improve sustainability.

Furthermore, Resource Label Group can monitor the entire recycling and waste program with near-real-time access to verifiable data, which will support its ESG reporting needs.

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