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CASE STUDY - Overcoming Sustainability Challenges in Synthetic Turf Manufacturing

A customized, managed program led to 95% diversion of total material from landfill.

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A large synthetic turf manufacturer.


Bloated and inefficient recycling and waste program was creating additional, unnecessary costs, and service issues were causing challenges that impacted production. Realizing the set sustainability goals was difficult due to the multiple, inconsistent data siloes. Additionally, synthetic turf poses its own issues as it is considered non-recyclable with few reuse programs.


  • Right-sized recycling and waste equipment needs and corresponding service
  • Implemented enhanced recycling programs that increased rebate payments
  • Vendor agnostic capabilities allowed for negotiated pricing in a market with limited hauling options
  • Contingency programs implemented to handle special projects and temporary service needs
  • Clear reporting on landfill diversion and program costs