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CASE STUDY - Revamping Recycling & Waste Management in a Food Manufacturing Facility

20% cost reduction in recycling and waste management with a customized program right-sized to meet the “on-demand” needs of the manufacturing and packaging process.

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A food manufacturing and packaging facility that produces microwaveable, frozen meals in the U.S.


Recycling and waste Inefficiencies along with poor equipment created high costs, poor service, and increased manufacturing down-time.


  • Serve as an extension of the leadership team by managing all recycling and waste management processes
  • Provide new, right-sized recycling and waste equipment to better meet the real-time demands of the plant
  • Deliver consolidated, monthly invoicing while using the same local recycling and waste vendors already under contract
  • Superior service delivered by a team of dedicated, local support partners
  • Access to real-time sustainability metrics leading to continuous improvement

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