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The Right Waste Management Services Can Revolutionize the Way You Do Business

Need a waste management service provider who can handle your trash, recycling, and reporting needs? Discover the benefits of the right environmental partner.

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As the volume of our trash accumulates, grasping the role of waste management providers in areas like diversion, processing, and disposal becomes increasingly important. This understanding is vital for developing a strategy aimed at future resource management. From residential trash collection to handling hazardous materials to recycling programs, waste management is a complex undertaking that most of us take for granted.

Your waste management provider does much more than haul trash and recycling away from your offices. When done correctly, they can transform your impact on the planet and secure your company's future. This blog takes a closer look at third-party waste providers, focusing on their diverse roles and industry challenges. We also shed light on why these crucial companies are central to today's infrastructure.

What Should I Expect When Working With a Waste Management Service Provider?

Waste management companies that service businesses are critical in maintaining day-to-day operations. From waste disposal and recycling to tracking and reporting programs, we offer streamlined end-to-end services. These services remove the hassle and increase the visibility of waste for corporations and organizations. 

What to Expect When Working With a Waste Management Service Provider

Key responsibilities of our contracted waste management partners include:

Waste Disposal

Keter coordinates with vendors to safely collect and dispose of all types of business waste, including general trash and hazardous materials requiring special handling. We ensure the timely pickup and proper waste transport to appropriate facilities like landfills, recycling centers, composting sites, and transfer stations.

It takes experience and dedication to manage complex waste streams. At Keter, we help manufacturers and industrial operators nationwide find the best disposal methods for by-products, hazardous waste, and other materials that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.


A good waste management system goes hand-in-hand with an innovative recycling program. Haulers collect business recyclables on a regular route schedule, then transport and process reusable items to ensure proper landfill diversion rates. Your recycling plan can be optimized based on the industry and size of your business. There are various levels of separation for recyclables and certain requirements businesses must meet. However, recycling can be a rewarding and potentially profitable undertaking.

Once you start recycling, you will likely explore new and innovative ways to minimize waste and recover resources. Engaging in these innovative practices can lead to the development of new processes or technologies. These advancements not only reduce environmental impact but create new opportunities and income streams. Other industries might find value in products that you cannot reincorporate into your material stream. You could melt these products down into core components or earn a considerable amount from them through buyback programs.

Real-Time Tracking

We supply businesses access to easy-to-use waste management software for real-time waste and recycling collection tracking. This technology includes automated notifications when dumpsters are emptied. It also provides trash and recycling weight reports that show diversion rates over time, along with other vital metrics. 

Our proprietary eTrac system allows businesses to monitor their operations closely and identify improvement areas. It also helps in setting sustainability goals that will make the biggest impact. By tracking and analyzing waste generation and disposal, companies can implement strategies to minimize waste and reduce disposal costs. This analysis also aids in optimizing resource utilization. Tracking your waste management efforts also allows businesses to identify opportunities for cost reduction and improved efficiency.


No one wants mysteries when it comes to their waste compliance—not you, and definitely not federal regulators. Our waste reporting software solutions prepare regular audit reports showcasing the frequency of service, weights, and volumes collected. These reports also detail the composition of materials and diversion rates. Furthermore, they include information on hazardous waste, contamination findings, and improvement recommendations.  With your customized dashboard, there’s no need for guesswork.

Companies are often part of a complex supply chain, so waste management reports can be crucial for maintaining sustainability throughout the entire chain. Suppliers and customers may require evidence of responsible waste management practices for their sustainability initiatives. Failure to gather and produce accurate data for potential partners could lead to lost contracts and missed business opportunities.


Many jurisdictions have strict regulations regarding waste disposal and environmental impact. Transparent waste management practices help businesses ensure compliance with these regulations, avoiding legal issues and potential fines. 

Our team collects hard data showing the details of materials collected and diversion rates, satisfying stringent state and federal laws. Our tracking systems also allow you to sort data over any timeframe you choose, showing at a glance how far your efforts have come.


We see ourselves as your guides in sustainability, committed to making the complex world of waste simpler for you! If you need to coordinate extra pickups, change your schedule, or manage your account, your dedicated point of contact can oblige. Want to make waste management seamless? Consider consolidated billing, container rental/purchasing assistance, and flexible service scheduling. Our unparalleled customer service keeps your business operations running smoothly, no matter how large or complex your waste needs are. 

Make an Informed Choice About Your Environmental Services Provider

Selecting the right service provider is critical for businesses that want to manage their environmental impact responsibly. To make an informed choice, business owners should consider several key factors: 

  • Firstly, evaluate the provider's track record in compliance with environmental regulations. A reputable provider should consistently commit to legal standards and ethical practices.
  • Secondly, assess their experience and expertise in handling specific types of waste relevant to your industry. Different materials require specialized disposal methods, and a provider with industry-specific knowledge can ensure proper handling. Request references and case studies to see their success in managing environmental challenges similar to your own.
  • Thirdly, a trustworthy provider should openly share information about their waste management processes, including disposal methods, recycling initiatives, and any efforts toward sustainability. Request detailed reports on waste streams, recycling rates, and environmental performance metrics.
  • Furthermore, inquire about the provider's technological capabilities and innovations. A forward-thinking environmental services partner should leverage cutting-edge technologies for efficient waste tracking, analytics, annual reporting, and resource recovery.
  • Lastly, consider the provider's commitment to continuous improvement. An environmentally conscious partner should be willing to adapt to evolving environmental standards, invest in sustainable practices, and collaborate with clients to develop tailored solutions. By thoroughly evaluating these factors, businesses can make informed choices that align with their environmental goals and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Whether you have an existing eco-friendly program or want to launch a new one, Keter equips businesses with the tools they need. Contact us today or set up a demo to see how we can help!

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